You Should Follow – Day 2


Paul R. Wood

I think I started following Paul Wood in 2009. I remember sitting home during EduCon that year feeling extremely envious of all the incredible conversations I was missing and vowed to myself to get there the next year (which I did). One person’s name kept popping up in my stream of EduCon tweets, and I recall thinking, “I have GOT to meet this man!”

We eventually met, but now I can’t recall exactly when it was. I think we met briefly at NECC/ISTE 2009, but came to know each other better when a bunch of friends decided to have a pre-ISTE get together in Estes Park in 2010.

I learn so much from Paul every day- through his words, but most especially his actions. Paul has made me a better person for knowing him.

Paul is encouraging, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and an incredible role model. He is one of the first people who comes to my mind when making decisions: “What would Paul Wood do?” He is such an amazing friend, and the best part is you get a 2 for 1 with Paul: his wife Diane is smart, funny, and an all around wonderful person. When you hear someone use the term “good people,” there’s a photo of Paul and Diane as an example.

Paul tweets as @paulrwood and blogs at

Diane tweets as @DianeEWood.

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