NECC 2008 Day Three

Yesterday may have been my favorite day at NECC. The two “sessions” that really stood out for me: 1) a facilitated discussion in NECC Unplugged about Blogging and Twitter Etiquette, and 2) Digital Magic/K-12Online.

I’ve posted a few times before about Blogging Etiquette, and I’ve had many discussions with other educators about what responsibilities and standards are for people in education vs. other professions. I haven’t really had that discussion about Twitter as much. The opinions about the use of Twitter, especially, were all over the board yesterday at the Bloggers Cafe. Should rules beyond the Terms of Use be expected of people who use Twitter? or any blog for that matter? Is there only one blogging/Twittering community? or are there several communities within the “Blogosphere” and “Twitterverse?” Very good discussions, even though many people disagreed… quite loudly in some cases. I really appreciate that people can disagree in a public, face to face forum, and still feel like their voices were heard. I’ll post later about my specific opinions…

Digital Magic/K-12 Online— all I really have to say about this is what a great idea! The fact that educators can contribute and even participate in something that is not bound by time or location is really amazing about the future of education. I talked with some educators who participated in K-12 Online the previous year, and they had nothing but very positive things to say.

Regrets for me regarding NECC 2008– I didn’t spend as much time in the Exhibitor’s areas as I usually do. There were just too many interesting things going on in the planned sessions, NECC Unplugged, Poster Sessions, and playgrounds!!

I did take about an hour or so to see the Alamo with my friends Josh and Wendy. I love history and visiting historical sites! It’s a beautiful area… have some great photos to share!

I tweeted this morning that my head is spinning with all the things I want to blog about, take back to our school district, upload to Flickr… I may not get any sleep in the next few days because of all I want to do!

All in all, NECC 2008 was a great experience. Even though San Antonio was pretty hot, it’s a beautiful area for a conference. The Riverwalk is just amazing… if you ever go to SA, be sure to visit Pesca’s (specialize in seafood) on the Riverwalk. You’ll spend more than you want, but it’s totally worth it!

2 thoughts on “NECC 2008 Day Three

  1. It was great to have your input in the Unplugged discussions and great to meet you at NECC.

    I look forward to learning more with you in the future.

  2. Thanks, Darren. Also great meeting you… thanks for your involvement in NECC Unplugged! What a great experience!

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