NECC 2008 Day Two

Today was a very productive day! Spent more time at the Bloggers Cafe and NECC Unplugged… great discussions all around! Also really enjoyed Ian Juke’s Digital Kids II session. It’s so great to be around people who have vision, and it’s also very empowering when someone else validates your beliefs. Sometimes, I’m a bit impatient to get things “moving.” Change takes time, but I also know that it doesn’t happen without change agents.

What I think I enjoy the most about conferences like NECC are a) meeting new people and sharing ideas, and b) the incredible conversations you can have even informally in a hallway that might be a great new strategy to take back with you.

On another note, I had intended to do quite a bit of live blogging today, but the wireless connection seemed to be a bit overloaded. I took a lot of notes and plan to summarize, recap, etc. within the next few days.

Finally… someone asked me today at the conference why I named this blog “Avenue 4 Learning.” No, I don’t think my blog will lead you to all the answers. I view tools used in education the same way I do with roads, streets, avenues. I don’t need to know everything about a street in order to use it. It’s important to know basics about the road (Is it one way only? Does it take me where I need to go, or will I drive in circles, etc.). Other than that, finding the right road is part of the process to ultimately get me where I need to go. I look at education the same way. If we use tools in education– technology or otherwise–  the tools themselves might be great, but it’s really all about the final destination… learning.

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  1. Love the last paragraph and thanks for your summaries. I need to hang out with you to get to some better presentations. Today isn’t starting out well….

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