My NECC 08 Aftermath

I think I need to reiterate that this year’s NECC was the best conference I’ve been to in many years. It seems like we’re learning to conference differently and better all the time.

Probably the most important key for me is that I need to maintain the passion and enthusiasm that inherently builds during and after a conference like this… and share it with educators around me. I see some very necessary steps to help those educators with whom I’m in close contact– face-to-face contact on a daily basis.

Initially, I had intended to live blog during the sessions I attended, but I found that difficult… especially when there was little to no internet access in some of the session rooms, and even more so in those events that were open to discussion. I wanted to participate and be engaged in those discussions… that’s difficult to do when taking notes. However, because I was so engaged, I didn’t need to take notes. All of those discussions are very much on my mind and have been for over a week now. Hmmm, imagine that. Learning more from being involved in the discussion, rather than being lectured to and expected to capture it all in notes. What a concept, yes?

So for now, I’ll post a few things that I found important, thought-provoking, and maybe even a few links to information I’ve found since the conference. The Ed Tech world is really buzzing loudly right now, and I feel badly that many educators will never hear it.