Overwhelmed in Autumn

Well, here it is… November. Last blog post was well over a month ago. Where am I?

A little buried. 

I’m trying to create lesson plans that are engaging and exciting, complete assessments (yes, report card windows loom in my future), keep up with staff meetings and professional development, meet district obligations… 

I’ve hit that mark where new teachers start to wonder how they’ll make it through, except I’m not a new teacher. I’ve been here before. Yes, it’s been a while, but it is all somewhat familiar. That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle, though. 

Perhaps it’s time to look to my PLN for inspiration… but what I’ve found is that I built a PLN of people who were more like my previous job. I haven’t actively searched out another group of people who are like my new job. That’s probably one of the next steps. I’m sure there are other strategies, but my mind isn’t finding them all that well these days. 

When you are struggling with your teaching or maybe just feeling a little overwhelmed, what strategies do you employ to recharge?

One thought on “Overwhelmed in Autumn

  1. I’ve made a point to unplug from work on the weekends. Some weekends I do a better job of, but I spend so much time during the work either working or thinking about work, both at work and at home, that I hide the Blackberry and just take a break. It’s been great. It sometimes means a bit more work Monday morning, but I can live with that. I don’t mind working a little later during the week if I know I’ll be able to take a break after Friday.
    Keep smiling!

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