NECC 2008- My 10 Goals

On Sunday morning, I’m flying to San Antonio to attend NECC 2008. This will be my third conference, and as always, I’m really excited to attend.

Some other Ed Tech folks have been posting their goals for NECC, and I thought that was a great idea. When I was a NECC newbie, I was very overwhelmed with all the available sessions. Even though I used the conference planner in San Diego (even downloaded to my PDA while I was there), I was really never certain about which session to attend… when to hit F2F networking opportunities, etc. Last year in Atlanta, I was even more overwhelmed by the sheer size of the convention hall. I had mapped out every session and workshop, and I wanted to visit more vendors/exhibitors. I probably made it through 1/100 of the exhibitors. That might have been due to the fact that their was an ice cream vendor in the same place each day in the Exhibitor Hall, so I tended to go back to the same area every day. haha

SO… for San Antonio, these are my goals this year. Some of them are already checked off–

1. Mark all sessions I want to attend in the conference planner. (CHECK)

2. Volunteer for ISTE. (CHECK– am scheduled to volunteer Monday afternoon)

3. Stop by the Bloggers Cafe.

4. Go to the Second Life playground.

5. Gather more ideas (especially those with any research-based themes) about digital learning and using Web 2.0 in our schools.

6. Search for more evidence that blocking too much on the internet does a disservice to students and faculty (I already believe this, which you know if you read my posts at all).

7. Look for ties between goals #5 and #6 that support our district initiatives.

8. Attend more sessions and workshops than I ever have before at NECC. Yes, I’m optimistic.

9. Catch up with fellow Ed Tech-ers that I don’t get to see very often.

10. Go to the Alamo. I didn’t sign up for the NECC-sponsored tour, so maybe I will find some friends who want to “wing it” with me. ??

If you’re attending NECC 2008, leave a comment or shoot me a link or trackback to your own blog posting of NECC goals. If you’re not able to attend in San Antonio, did you know you can be a virtual conference-goer?

10 thoughts on “NECC 2008- My 10 Goals

  1. I hope to see you in San Antonio! I hope that catching up with me is part of your #9. 🙂

    And, the Alamo is within walking distance of the Riverwalk…surprisingly close if I “remember the Alamo” correctly.

  2. Tony! Of course catching up with you is on my list!!! And let me know if you want to join my “walking” tour to the Alamo. I would much rather see it with friends than on my own! Now to decide which day to go… maybe Tuesday evening?

    I think I still have your cell phone #, unless it’s changed in the last year. Will try to catch you that way if we don’t run into each other. Thanks!

  3. I’m looking forward to hooking up with everyone from Nebraska! We are leaving tomorrow (Friday) and so will be doing a little sight seeing on Saturday and Sunday. We’ll for sure see you at the NETA reception if not before…. 🙂

  4. Hey, Jason! I wish I could go earlier and do more sight-seeing… envious of you! Will definitely see you at the NETA reception! Safe travels!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish I was going on Friday too! I signed up for a volunteer shift as well, mine is on Sunday. Good luck with meeting all your goals.

  6. Thanks, Nedra. Looking forward to hopefully meeting you at NECC!

  7. I’m hanging out in the Blogger’s Cafe as we speak. And Alamo on Tuesday, right? I’ve been recruiting a couple others.
    Possible trip to Howl at the Moon after NETA reception??? I’ve got the free coupons to get us in! And some extra for others!

  8. Sorry I didn’t get this earlier! Alamo Tuesday night… you bet!

  9. Love your blog, Michelle
    Hope you are seeing great presentations today and enjoying the vendors. I think that it feels a little crowded in some of the sessions, but they have been good. See you at the NETA reception tonight.

  10. Thanks, Lynn! I’m mostly volunteering and going to playgrounds today. Tomorrow is my very busy day going to sessions. Am excited to hear what you all did today. See you later tonight!

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