You Should Follow – Day 1

Yesterday, my friend George Couros started a new hashtag on Twitter – #365greattweeps




I really like this idea more than the #FF – Follow Friday recommendations. Those tend to be lists and are often the same recommendations every Friday. While I believe those still have a place, I really like the idea that George started, because he also includes the “WHY.” Why should you follow someone I recommend?

This got me thinking… if I could choose anyone to recommend right away – someone whom I followed and then met “in real life,” who would it be?

I knew instantly that I wanted to share my friend, Rafranz Davis. I had followed Rafranz for a while on Twitter, but only just met her in person at ISTE this past summer in San Antonio. Wow! What an amazing person!

Rafranz has a passion for learning and sharing! Every day, I see her tweet something that makes me really think. Her blog posts are direct, poignant, and from the heart. One in particular left me in tears – and that doesn’t happen very often for me.

Rafranz also has a smile that goes on for days, and she is such a positive person to be around.

I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to meet some of my Twitter friends at conferences here and there, and meeting Rafranz was definitely a highlight of ISTE for me.

I hope you follow her on Twitter – @RafranzDavis and read her wonderful writing at ! #365greattweeps