You Should Follow – Number 7

Note: I REALLY want to keep up with the #365greattweep recommendations, and I REALLY feel like a blog post should accompany each recommendation. I’m just not good at blogging every day. I started this series in October and am only now picking it back up.

So… I will have 365 recommendations, but it might take me more than a year to finish them all. (Better than not doing them, right?)


Summer Howarth

I started following Summer on Twitter a couple of years ago and then met her at ISTE12 in San Diego. She is instantly likable, and her passion for education and kids is really contagious.

Summer is fearless – she jumps at opportunities to share what she is learning and pushes herself to broaden her experiences. As an Australian enamored with the junk food of America, she also willingly ate cheese from a can. (That’s more bravery than I can muster.)

I don’t know if a person’s name influences his/her personality or not, but Summer seems like pure sunshine to me. Sorry for such a sappy phrase –  but if you know her, you understand.

Summer blogs at A View From the Middle and tweets as edusum.