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My name is Michelle Baldwin, and I am a learner, an educator, a self-proclaimed “techie,” presenter, and an advocate for teaching and learning with students.

I returned to the classroom in 2009, after coordinating technology professional/staff development for eight years in a suburban school district in Omaha, Nebraska. From fall of 2009 through spring of 2011, I taught K-5 Vocal Music in the same school district. In August 2011, I moved to Denver, Colorado and joined the staff of Anastasis Academy.

This blog is meant to be a place for my own reflection and resource for you, if you find it helpful. If you have feedback, please comment on any of the blog posts here, or email me: michellek107[at]gmail[dot]com.


Official Bio:
Michelle K. Baldwin is a Lead Teacher at Anastasis Academy, a 1:1 iPad/BYOD environment, in Denver, Colorado. She works with students to follow their natural curiosity and take ownership of their learning through inquiry, problem-based learning, and the Arts. Previous education roles include vocal music teacher at both the elementary and secondary levels and coordinator of technology professional development. As a professional developer, Michelle created and developed workshops to assist teachers and students in becoming producers with technology.

Michelle is a frequent consultant, presenter, and facilitator for schools and business and community organizations in the areas of re-thinking educational policies, arts integration, STEAM, inquiry-based learning, social media connections, and nurturing natural creativity. Michelle has presented at EduCon, METC, Miami Device, NETA, ConnectEdCanada, Innovate West, numerous Edcamps, and ISTE in the areas of technology integration, cultivating creativity and curiosity, developing professional learning networks for educators, arts education, and STEAM. Michelle blogs at and with her students at Architects of Wonder. Twitter: @michellek107




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  1. G’day,
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    Students may use either a class blog or their own individual blog. There will be activities each week and they will be posted on my class blog

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    A similar challenge was held last year and nearly 500 students from nine different countries of the world took part. These students are still blogging and running a collaborative blog at

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