Reinforcing Our Philosophy

At our school, Anastasis Academy, we offer CRAVE classes to our entire school – we meet once a week for an hour for about 7 weeks.

CRAVE is an opportunity for teachers to offer something different – perhaps an experience kids might not have the opportunity to explore during our “regular” class time. We share a list of options with the kids, and they choose what they are interested in exploring. Any student can sign up for any class with any teacher, grades K-8. Our CRAVE classes are always mixed ages.

Some of the options we’ve had in the past are healthy cooking, hockey, clothing design, coding, ball sports, crocheting, nature inspired art, junk sculptures, chess, iPad rock band, DaVinci inspired art, and build your own instruments. (this is actually a small sample of the offerings)

The emphasis is that the kids are able to choose something that interests them, but also something that they might not have realized they could be interested in learning. CRAVE helps kids explore different areas to expose them to something new. Each class is based upon areas of passion or expertise by the teachers who offer them.


As I was trying to decide what I should offer this session, I thought, “Hey! I’ll crowdsource some ideas! Brilliant!” So, I sent out the following tweet:




Some really helpful people responded with wonderful suggestions:

  • Coding
  • #GeniusHour
  • Let them explore their individual passions/ Ask the kids what THEY want to learn (MANY responded this way!)
  • How to value their authentic self
  • Recording music
  • Build a catapult
  • Build something
  • “Hack the classroom style” learning
  • Research and design
  • How to research
  • How to share what they’re learning
  • Problem-based learning


As I read the incoming tweets, I often responded, “We do that already on a daily/weekly basis.”

And then I continued to respond the same way again and again.

When it was time for lunch and tweets continued to roll in, I left the building to grab something to eat and realized something that I have started to take for granted:

What we do as a rule at Anastasis is an exception almost everywhere else. 

  • Our kids have choice to follow their passions DAILY.
  • What some schools do in their #geniushour or 20% Time (or whatever they rename it) happens every day at our school.
  • As a teacher, I am not stuck in a lesson plan or canned curriculum. When my kids make decisions about what they want to learn, it’s my job to ensure they also pick up skills and concepts they’ll need to know along the way.
  • Our “regular” class time doesn’t look the same as other schools.
  • In my class, we regularly make time to tinker, explore, share, and value each other and ourselves.
  • Our classes are maxed at 12 students per class – the time the students and I have together to really get to know each other and personalize our learning options is invaluable!


By no means is this post meant to be a “thanks, but no thanks” to any of the suggestions I received today… and I hope it’s not reading as arrogance, either.

Two and a half years ago, I picked up and moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado because Kelly Tenkely  and Matthew Anderson decided to start a school. Every day, I think I’m lucky for being able to be a part of this incredible experience, these amazing families and kids who make up our community.

Today, I remembered just how lucky I am. I believe our philosophy at Anastasis is truly best for our kids. All the suggestions reinforced how we operate.

And today, I also wished that every student had the opportunities that our kids have. 

If you sent me a tweet today… thank you. I’m grateful for the work you do for kids and your willingness to share your passion and suggestions with others.

A few notes:

  1. If you’re curious about what we do at our school, I’m glad to share our story with you over a cup of coffee, a Skype/GHO call, or whatever you decide. You can also read our class blog at
  2. One of the ideas I had been juggling around in my mind for CRAVE – in addition to something music-related (I’m a Music teacher by trade), photography, or crocheting – was centered around “super challenges.” Our school has held an all-school marshmallow/spaghetti tower challenge as well as the Rube Goldberg machine challenge on #dayofplay. I decided after reading all the great responses today that I would go with the Super Challenge Power Hour. Each week will have a new challenge. Stay tuned for updates!


2 thoughts on “Reinforcing Our Philosophy

  1. Philip Cummings

    What a fun realization, Michelle. We offer similar types of classes all the the time at PDS. I will mention that one unusual thing that really took off with our 6th graders was knitting. The boys learned to knit hats with looms. After making a bunch of hats, they delivered them to the local homeless shelter.

  2. Sarah @ Teach2Connect

    You are awesome Michelle. I wish I could spend more time with 20% time in our classrooms here. I think our kids could completely jump into their passions.

    PS-I, too, am a music teacher by trade!

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