You Should Follow – Day 5


Mary Beth Hertz

Several years ago, I started following this amazing blog, Philly Teacher. The teacher who wrote the blog shared great resources for teaching in the 21st century, even in a building that was quite literally falling apart. Her posts were so incredibly honest, and I remember thinking how much I wanted to meet this teacher!

In 2010, I met Mary Beth at a pre-ISTE retreat in Estes Park, Colorado. At first, I didn’t even realize she was THE “Philly Teacher!” Mary Beth is super smart, genuine, and always inspiring. One of my very favorite things about Mary Beth is that she always shares so much of her students’ work. She is not only a very connected educator, she is a very involved educator, and I respect her so much for that!

She knows all the best places in Philadelphia, she has a crazy cool cat (and I’m not a fan of cats), and she even has a Foursquare check-in dedicated to her “sunburn” in Estes Park.

Mary Beth tweets as @mbteach and blogs at

3 thoughts on “You Should Follow – Day 5

  1. LOVE this! Mary Beth is one of the reasons that I wanted to go to Philly in January! When I met her, I was too busy having a “nerd girl” fan moment…to even think of saying something as simple as “hello”. Once I soaked in what she had to say, I was hooked and wanted to be in her classroom.

    Literally the coolest teacher that I have EVER met!

    So brilliant!

    • Mary Beth Hertz

      Thanks, Rafranz! I’m so glad we got some time to connect face to face. I really enjoyed our conversations. I hope to see you again, soon! In the meantime, see you in the Twittersphere!

  2. Mary Beth Hertz

    Aww..thanks, Michelle! I’m so glad that we connected so many years ago. I was just talking about your awesome karaoke skills a couple of weeks ago!

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