In the Game or On The Sidelines

I so appreciate Dean Shareski‘s vision… he often finds great photos to accompany great quotes. [image credits]1

How are you helping your kids/students make those global connections?

1 shareski. “Sidelines.” shareski’s photostream. 27 Jan 2009. 28 Jan 2009. .

original image:

2 thoughts on “In the Game or On The Sidelines

  1. Here is a website looking to promote just this topic:

  2. I am so glad to have read your post – I was just having this conversation with a fellow colleague! It is frustrating that we are so focused on a catchphrase like ’21st Century Learning’ yet, there have been little efforts (at least in my area) to reinforce it – we are still so focused on state assessments – drill and kill – basic comprehension and regurgitation of information. I would much rather my children be able to problem solve, analyze, collaborate, decision make, and evaluate rather than be able to multiply a two digit number and that be the foundation of what they know!

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